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Open and transparent

IGF initiatives are open to all relevant stakeholders interested in contributing to the organization of the meetings. It is the responsibility of the multistakeholder organizing teams to ensure that all interested stakeholders, both individuals and organizations, are invited to participate in the IGF Initiative.



The multistakeholder approach refers to collaboration between all stakeholder groups (private sector, civil society, government and technical community) on an equal footing


Inclusive and Bottom-Up

The organizing committee of an IGF Initiative will encompass the views of the wider community, Conduct rounds of public consultations on the substantive meeting program and other efforts that can ensure inclusiveness. Also The decision-making process of the IGF initiative should be bottom-up.



All annual meetings of IGF initiatives are non-commercial (not-for-profit). The annual NRIs’ meetings are not organized for the purpose of gaining profit.

yIGF Nepal: Who We Are

Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) Nepal is a youth Initiative formed to encourage and involve the young people in the substantive discussion on the Issues of Internet Governance.

Given the fact that more than 40% of the current population of Nepal is represented by the youth. This forum is initiated to provide the platform for the youth audience to learn about the issues of Internet governance and raise the opinions of youth in national and international policy discussions. This platform will also help in capacity building of youths representing different stakeholders in the emerging issues of Internet governance such as Digital Divide, Universal Access, AI Governance, Freedom of Expression online and more. yIGF Nepal follows the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Principles being multistakeholder, open, inclusive, bottom-up, and non-commercial. 

Raise Awareness

Policy Discussion


Capacity Building

Multi-stakeholder Steering Group

Team behind youth Internet Governance Forum Nepal

Advisory Council

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Internet Governance Issues

Freedom of expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights that applies both offline and online. The agenda of Online freedom of expression has been one of the major topics which has been addressed by  UN Council of Human Rights,  Council of Europe and has also been discussed at major internet governance event and process.
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Universal Access 200 (1)

Universal Access

New emerging digital technologies open up different opportunities that fosters innovation, opportunities and economic development, While ITU estimates that half of the global population is still not in the reach of these technologies providing the global population equal access to the Internet is the mission of the next generation.
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AI 200

AI Governance

Artificial Intelligence was the subject of fiction but emergence of the autonomous vehicle, IOT enabled automated devices,  virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and more we are already experiencing this technology. With the rapid development of AI technology the issues of the transparent, ethical and governance aspect has been key issues in internet governance discussions and process.
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Child Safety 200

Online Child Safety

With the spiky adaptation of internet technology, the scope of activities are also shifting in the online platforms. While the internet provides the opportunities for access to information, culture, communication, and entertainment that was barely possible in previous decades with these extraordinary benefits the internet was once considered to be exciting but now it is also considered to be a dangerous place.
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We are looking forward to work with young people!

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We are looking forward to work with young people!

Youth is the biggest stakeholder group in the internet ecosystem and yIGF is there to prepare youths to get involved in policy making agendas. We are here to involve, encourage and capacitate youth people in internet governance issues and raise the voices of youth.

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